Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Home-made cranberry sauce is simple and quick to make. Our current favorite recipe comes from the Native Foods Celebration Cookbook. This recipe, featuring a mix of fruits in a port wine reduction is richly flavorful, a one-pot job, and comes together in under 30 minutes. All the ingredients are commonly found in grocery stores. If you use dried… Continue reading Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving 2016

Best part of Thanksgiving? Leftovers for breakfast the next morning!


Hello and welcome to animalssaythanks’ first official blog post! A vegan Thanksgiving dinner probably seems like a lot to tackle as a first project, but one of our goals is to illustrate how easy and fun vegan cooking is, so with that said, let’s begin!

Planning the menu

Shawnna and I build our menus together. Each of us brings different ideas to the table. For a holiday dinner such as this, we come with different family traditions that we’ll each riff on. Sometimes we faithfully recreate our mom’s old favorites using vegan ingredients. Other times our memories of those traditional dishes inspire us to try something new that fills the same place in the menu. In all our menus, we strive for nutritional balance. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner in particular illustrates an iconic balance of protein (turkey), carbs (stuffing) and fats (gravy). As vegans, we can easily achieve the same balance, making meals just as satisfying (or more) to our bodies and palates.

Here’s our 2016 Thanksgiving Menu:


1) Cream of Sweet Onion Soup with Sautéed Mushrooms

Main Course:

2) Lentil Loaf

Side Dishes:

3) Green Bean and Sweet Corn Casserole

4) Puff Pastry stuffed with Sweet Potatoes

5) Golden Gravy

6) Cranberry Sauce

7) Brussel Sprout and Filbert Salad with Shallot & Dijon Dressing

8) Smashed Variety Potatoes

9) Chanterelle Mushroom, Carrot and Sage Stuffing

8) Dessert:  Something we try to be conscious of when planing a meal, is to not choose so many items that it becomes overwhelming. There’s only so much time in the week, so much room in our kitchen and so many burners on our stovetop that to plan to make more than the available resources allow would make it frustrating. This year, we are buying an Apple Pie from our dear friend, chef Meredith Klein, and our family is bringing a Pumpkin pie from Real Food Daily. We’ll supplement it with store-bought vegan ice-cream. If there’s time we’ll top it with a home-made whipped Cashew Cream.