About us

cropped-chestnuts.jpgWho are we?

We are Erik Olson and Shawnna Stewart – a husband and wife team enthusiastic about healthy living. Like many people, we grew up with a typical American diet largely centered around animal derived products of meat, dairy, and eggs. Since learning of veganism, our experiences have been so rewarding we’ve decided to share them in the hopes that it will bring others joy as well.

From Erik

I grew up in Vermont and have always enjoyed cooking. After meeting Shawnna, I discovered a new passion for cooking vegan together and sharing the experience of healthy living with my beloved wife.

From Shawnna

This is Shawnna’s place to write something about herself.

Our goal

We sincerely hope to share the joy we’ve found in vegan cooking and to illustrate how accessible it is for anyone who cooks. Some of the things you’ll find at #animalssaythanks are:

  • our own recipes
  • tips on vegan cooking and living
  • cookbook reviews
  • restaurant reviews
  • personal notes




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